Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 24, 2010

November 24, 2010

Just two weeks into the voyage, we have endured all of the following:
-The boat's computer caught a virus, causing all of us to have to work on one shared computer.
-Stitching in the main sail ripped.
-After spending several days re-stitching, the sail ripped again - this time further down and twice as far across.
-The pump in the port side head broke, so now we are down to only one working shower
-Our spot checker broke, so friends can no longer follow our progress across the Atlantic.
-Non-stop storms, winds up to 50 knots, water gushing through the walls and ceilings...causing two computers to break.
-Our wind indicator broke, so we no longer know how strong the winds are, but can tell that we needed to “heave to“- and wait for the storm to pass...putting us behind schedule.
-While attempting to adjust my bunk so that I would not fall out of it, I was thrown clear across the cabin - falling ass first into a basket of pineapples and mangoes...and am now covered in bruises from my shoulders to my toes.
-Seconds after my tumble, a massive wave tossed James clear across the deck - fortunately, he had just clipped himself in.

I sit at the top of the stairs thinking about all of this.  Allowing my superstitious tendencies to take over...I consider that maybe having a crew of thirteen was not such a wonderful idea!  But, “Karma-cly” speaking, a crew of thirteen people on a mission to save the world - or at least the oceans - should be deserving of nothing but the best of luck!  As moonlight sneaks out from behind the clouds for the first time in weeks, I realize how grateful I am for all of this.  A long-time dream of mine has come true - I am part of a crew of amazing people sailing across the Atlantic on a mission - and it's even more of an adventure than I could have possibly imagined!

Our current location is 31.42.46 South 

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